Surprise your team with Virtual live Music.  

Make them be a part and playing  and singing together their own music.

Be innovative and inspire your people  creating  a special and interactive music moment for you teams.     

We  DESIGN AMAZING  musical experiences to connect people with their EMOTIONS, to UNITE TEAMS in purpose and to enhance every special moment of your organization. 

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and get your teams connected

OUR ACTIVITIES OVERCOMES  physical and  technical barriers to offer an exciting and unforgettable shared moment.​ 

​Participants interact through music in a dynamic way,  generating a space to share  future challenges, messages and reflections about the development of Listening and  Communication skills; Customer orientation; Teamwork and Innovation; and  Adaptability to change and Leadership.  

Santiago Rodriguez de Lavalle, MBA Abbvie

Pedro and his team are great professionals who understand the peculiarities of organizations and are capable of guiding diverse teamsthrough music, until reaching incredible levels of integration. I recommend Pedro to all those who need to generate that momentum that allows teams to achieve or maintain their business objectives. 

Eva Garcia Nieto Axa XL

Thanks to Pedro and his team we have discovered the excitement of being able to create something great together as a team.

Despite the current situation and individual loneliness working from home, more than 120 people have felt close, we have demonstrated our brand values, our purpose as a company and we have achieved the emotion of creating and singing a hymn that it has become our internal banner and one that we will surely carry in our hearts when all this has passed.

Thanks to music we have been aware of how close we are how great a tea we are.

Stéphanie Tournier, Head of internal / external communication, SIPLEC-LECLERC

Temporarily you have take me out of confinement with your music filled of humanity and poetry. 

Thanks to all MusicalThinker´s musicians for this unique, collaborative and amazing moment. For the simplicity, generosity and talent displayed.

We have spent an unforgettable moment with you at SIPLEC-LECLERC.

Ambrosio Arizu CEO de ARGOZ

This is a service for positive and creative people. It is a key activity to take the pulse of your team’s reality in another way, opening a space of unique trust, focused on the emotional part, which is what really moves to a team, especially in this extraordinary situation where we have worked very hard. 

Sergio Pérez López CEO, BIO AIR SOCIETY

Great initiative, I was very excited to see how music continues to unite and bring out the best of us trough its transforming power. Congratulations 

Fundación Foro de Foros

Music gave voice to those feelings that words cannot describe. The musical activity with the MusicalThinkers TEAM was unbeatable!

Agioglobal – Danosa participants

“The methodology used for the team dynamics was great, very impressive and exciting.”  

“I saw interest, trust, a general readiness to help and, especially, total enthusiasm.”  

Rafael González. Founder of 3Weeks Consulting

“At Musical Thinkers, you inspire people. The way you live music and your vision of music and composing is intensely inspiring. We immediately felt inspired and motivated to do something we’d never done before, something we weren’t experts at, and that’s the basic principle of transformation—finding a reason to do different things. At Musical Thinkers, you make that transformation possible.” 

Irene Pérez Bendaña, In-Company Training Manager at APD

“It was a dynamic and transformative session that gradually created an atmosphere of trust. Listening and observation were the catalysts that helped us set new challenges and define an action plan. Through music, we learned more about each other, aligned ourselves, committed to a shared goal and created a 2020 vision, and everything was flowing naturally. Fun and motivation were a constant through the entire session, making it memorable. Very recommendable!”  

 ¡Muy recomendable!» 

Francisco Sánchez Salazar. Project Management and Control,  Grupo Santander

 “It was no small challenge: 500 people thinking hard, getting excited and having fun together with a fresh and innovative musical ‘mise-en-scène’, all of it in less than an hour. We did it! And the project was magnificently managed… Congratulations!”  

Beltrán Álvarez de  Estrada, CEO of Puro Group

“Thanks to one of the workshops delivered by Musical Thinkers during the convention, we’ve implemented a new methodology to improve communication: in the weekly management meeting we share all the new ideas that, thanks to the now clear channels, come from everywhere in the organization. We decide which ones to implement and involve the manager or managers in the relevant centers.” 


Get a moving, funny and meaningful musical live experience playing, singing and dancing with your colleaguesShare a disruptive and deep transformational message with the team. 

inspiring & re-connecting

Our Live On-line technology allows our musicians to play live music from different places synchronized and interacting creatively with the participants. Emotions, deep connection and fun is part of these amazing, human and technological experience.

singing as one

We add to our LIVE ON-LINE experience the possibility of creating a Virtual Choir sung by teams and companies. Days after the meeting all the participants receive their video singing and dancing together an amazing choreographyusing original as well as pre-existing songs. 

unique cultural and team experience 

From the most exclusive Tablao Flamenco in Madrid your team can  interact with the best flamenco players and bailaores.  

values, purpose & identity in a song

We help teams to create the song that represents their purposevalues and vision 


Main competences for personal development as creativityemotions and change management are deeply related to the music experienceWe use music as a growing catalyst in training programs.


We offer live musicians and creative musical experiences to generate engagement during virtual conventions thanks to our Live-Online Technology.


We are a Spanish – based in Madrid –  team-building, training and consulting firm specialized in using  MUSIC as an emotional catalyst that allows teams to connect, re-connect and engage in a high-impact musical experience that speeds up their learning and personal/professional development process.

Together with talented musicians and top-notch consultants, we design and deliver high-impact online and face-to-face team-building sessions with live music for conventions,  congresses and events. 


MUSIC has the power to stir up our deepest EMOTIONS.

Its MAGIC BRINGS US together regard less of time differences and physical location.

MUSIC allows us to CONNECT with our humanity and LEARN TOGETHER.

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We  lead activities around the world in  Spanish, English & Frensh.